Princess Buggy turns 4 !

Our little lady turned 4 today !

She is unique and extraordinary.

I’m not really sure what my life would be like today without her, but I know it would be a lot less than what it is now.

This girl is my reason to be better and do better.

She is smart, beautiful, funny, and loving.

She knows exactly how to push my buttons and she loves doing it, which is something she inherited from me so I can’t be to upset about it in the end.

She sees joy and light in things that I walk past without a second thought.

She is 4 and she is going places folks !

I just know it and I love it and I love her more than I could ever say :)

Step One, Check !

Good news!

I destroyed our closets today … and then put them back to normal. The four of us have significantly less clothing now than we did before. Right now it’s a mountain in the corner of my living room, but we will fill up a few garbage bags and donate what we can tomorrow. 

The next step is getting through my “office” supplies. I have craft supplies and office supplies I haven’t touched in months, some of it years, so it needs to go. I hope I can have the strength to just pitch it (!) but we will see. I have to work in the morning and Princess Buggy has dance class in the evening but hopefully I will still have the time to get through all of the work tomorrow.

I really want to keep pushing forward and getting our lives and our home simplified. I can’t wait to be in our apartment and feel relaxed and calm. I hope that we can get to the point where our home is minimalized enough that we can clean or prepare for guests in less than 30 minutes. Right now that goal seems impossible, but I know it isn’t ! I have hope that even with two kids we can get there :) 

Also … Princess Buggy is two days away from four ! My disbelief is ginormous :) 

The Quest to Less

I’ve been on a quest for the last few months to have less. 

Less clothes, less clutter, less trash, less everything, well maybe everything isn’t right. I hope that the less will give us more. More time, more joy, more compassion, more dancing! Okay I’m done … but there probably will be more dancing. 

I’m so tired of being tired. I’m tired of looking at piles of crap in my apartment and realizing that I haven’t touched them in 6 months or more. I KNOW that if I haven’t touched them I don’t need them anymore, but I can’t let them go. I don’t know what it is. Maybe it’s because I’m a secret hoarder, maybe it’s because in the midst of my parents broken marriage I lost so many things that I thought I would keep forever, maybe I’m too lazy to throw all the crap away … or maybe it’s all three. 

Regardless, I’m making a real effort to get rid of it all. I’ve come to some pretty serious conclusions about my education and they mean that I’m going to have a significant chunk of time that I am usually at home taken away very soon. I am dedicated to getting through my masters and hopefully my phd programs quickly, while excelling. This means that I don’t have time for crap. I don’t have time for clutter. I only have time for good things that add to the time I have with my family, so I’m off on making the “stuff” dissapear. 

My first enemy? 


I hate it. 

I am not a style person. I’ve never been overly concerned with my clothes or chose to focus my spending there. I like having nice clothes or looking nice, but I usually choose to buy something else if I have to pick. We have so many items of clothing in our 950 sq ft apartment I’m pretty sure it’s going to start trying to eat us soon. It’s ridiculous. 

So, the next step is to tackle that mangled mess of an issue. 

My plan is to get everything clean and then go through it, one person at a time. I’ll probably start with the kids, then myself, then make my husband do it. I haven’t decided what we are paring down to yet, but I’m thinking about a weeks worth of clothes is a good idea. 

We shall see ! 

<3 Megan

Steampunk Cake





My sister’s boyfriend Ben turned 30 last week. She decided to have a surprise (well in all reality not so surprise) party for him to celebrate. She decided to have a Steampunk theme and it was excellent. Everything looked and was fabulous.

I offered to make the cake because I love doing it and I take any excuse I have to bake and decorate. This was my first shot at using fondant to cover and I think it went relatively well.


The top of the hat is Red velvet and the bottom is yellow.


I used a cream cheese frosting between the layers and a buttercream to crumb coat.


I made goggles, Letters, Numbers, and a hot air balloon with fondant.


The letters and gears are part of the party decor and were not edible.








Megan <3

Spent, Vacation, and What’s Coming …

I am so spent.

I love my kiddos and I miss them like crazy. Seeing them for 2 hours before bed time (when we have to make dinner, eat dinner, clean up dinner, do baths, get ready for bed, and then go to bed) isn’t cutting it.


They are our whole world <3



Right now I’m working my last days at my current job. I’m an assistant at an in home daycare. As fun as my job is …


… it isn’t MY kids that are getting my best hours and I need them to be, which is why I put in my notice at the end of June. I’m leaving to take more hours at school, but it will mean more hours at home. I have one more day this week, then a ten day vacation, then a 4 day week, and then a 5 day week. After than I will be at school from 10 or 11 to 4. I will be able to spend precious hours with my babies in the morning and the afternoon where we aren’t hurrying to bed or getting ready to get up early and leave.

I can’t wait.

The best part is with Josh’s new job he’s home for dinner most nights and always home before I go to bed. It is amazing. I love it.

I just need the strength to get through the next couple weeks!

Baby Boys ! (Ours & Theirs)


I was glued to my phone and tv at work yesterday waiting for the news and it finally came ! It’s a boy for Will and Kate ! I am so happy for them that they welcomed a healthy little man into their lives. I know first hand that the bond formed in the first few days with your children is amazing. I am happy to see today that they have retreated to enjoy some privacy and get to know the newest member of their family.

Can I also say that I hope Kate is about to breastfeed successfully? I love breastfeeding our little dude. I know it’s hard at times, but it really is worth it.


As for our little man, he is doing better today.

He’s back to daycare and so far has been fever free since yesterday morning. Fingers crossed that it will stay down !

He had a really rough night, probably the worst he’s had ever. I was up almost every hour with him to nurse and try and comfort him back to sleep. He is such a sweet little boy and it breaks my heart to see him struggling to calm down and rest. I still think it’s mostly teething that is causing his discomfort and I hope that the pain passes quickly.



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Monkey Boy Down


Our Monkey Boy is down for the count with a fever.


He was a little warm when I picked him up from daycare Friday and continued to run a steady 101 all weekend, including this morning, so he’s hanging out with his Nana (my momma) today.


He was all smiles and drool Saturday morning, but I took him to the doctor anyway just to make sure. They are pretty sure it’s a combination of the cold he’s been fighting and some major teething going on that is causing the fever.


We spent the rest of Saturday snuggling in bed while Princess Buggy spent the day with MeeMaw and Daddy went to work.


Sunday he spent cuddling with Daddy. I went to church in the morning with Princess Buggy and then had my orientation for my new job in the afternoon. I’m going to be working in the child care area at our church while I go to school full time.


Hoping our little dude is feeling better soon. If not we will be heading back to the doctor on wednesday.



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